Alpha 0.01 Published!

Holy crap! This is so exciting! All my life I've dreamed of developing games and now I've uploaded a real game to a real game website for real. 

This is an extremely early build of Hunger and is pretty much only uploaded because I am making this game as part of a class, and it was much easier to turn in a link than the files themselves, but this page will be updated as the game continues to grow. 

As far as what is contained in this first upload, there's not a whole lot but it works. The title screen is using stock music which will be replaced, but it is fully functional. I hope to add an options button and scene, but that won't be til later. 

The game is divided up into scenes or chapters which make up the skeleton of the story. 0.01 has the first scene pretty much done and the very beginnings of the second scene. It also has basic matchstick functionality, though the matchsticks don't really play into the gameplay until scene 3. 

I am hoping to post 0.02 later this weekend. It will be a purely content update as well as fixing any bugs with 0.01. Thanks all!


Hunger 0.01 109 MB
Dec 14, 2017
Hunger 0.01 29 MB
Dec 14, 2017

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