Alpha 0.02 Released!

Wow! An update!

I know it's been a bit. I've been traveling, and wrapping presents, and baking cookies, and, oh yeah, still working on my game about eating people. 

This update is pretty small, but it contains a lot of the basic functionality that will make the rest of the game work. 2 Full scenes have been added as well as headers for 3 others that will be added in the next update. Also, the match system, which I teased at before, is now functional, and actually has an impact on the path that you take in your playthroughs. Be sure to experiment with that, and let me know if anything isn't working!

Thanks for checking this out, and look forward to 0.03 around 12/28/2017. 




Hunger 0.02 26 MB
Dec 22, 2017
Hunger 0.02 29 MB
Dec 22, 2017

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